The Cast
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Tyler Maron

Tyler is the founder and editor of No Such Comics. He makes NNVC with Louis Rogowski, as well as No Such Podcast.

At the head of the Nineties, Tyler was born into Connecticut and promptly began drawing. After diving into university debt, he learned graphic design and yadda, yadda, yadda... TylerAM was born. When design got boring, his second child was No Such Comics. When not creating, he resides in his city-view Hoboken apartment dancing to extremely upbeat music. Tyler is a gay creator and supports the uncensored creation of comics from members of the LGBT community.


Louis W. Rogowski

Louis is the co-founder of No Such Comics and writes NNVC, in addition to No Such Podcast and social media management.

Louis was born in a small town in Connecticut. He has pursued degrees in political science and business before finally settling on Mechanical Engineering. For his PhD, he is exploring the capabilities of microrobots for drug delivery applications. In his free time however, he is a dreamer who writes short stories, poetry, and explores the natural world.


Lex Gowers

Lex is the hands and brain behind Hex Unlimited.

She is 24 and currently based in Cleveland. She is super into comics and cartoons in general but especially loves ones with super heroes. She spends probably too much of her free time playing table-top style games, mostly ones that involve (you guessed it) tights and capes. Her other favorite activities include avoiding the sun and talking to animals.


Matthew Burger

Matthew is the writer, artist and creator of Victus the Mage.

Matt is a Freelance fantasy artist living in southern California and studying to improve his drawing ability. He is a long time lover of role playing games and always has a few Dungeons and Dragons games he’s involved with. He’s been interested in comics for a long time and is excited to be working on a fantasy comic, it’s his dream job.


Devin Hoyt

Hoyt is the creator of Minikings And Tales Of Fancy.

Hoyt is a freelance illustrator hailing out of northern California. He sleeps a lot, draws some. His lukewarm success in both of these highly competitive fields have led him to give sequential art an earnest try. God help us all.

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