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“We're cult comics, for you.”

No Such Comics is a tight group of comic creators making a name for ourselves. Completely independent, sponsored by ourselves, and funded by our wallets (and gorgeous Patreon supporters). This is creativity and drive in its purest form. Come and stay a while, read some comics, and enjoy yourself. You've earned it.

From Day 1, No Such Comics has not directly affiliated itself with any political sidings, leanings, or stances. As a whole, we are not right, left, top, bottom, middle, or alt-neo-whatever—we are an inherently apolitical entity. However, we respect our creators’ right to freedom of speech and expression. Any political content found within No Such Comics belongs to the creator themself, is contained within that piece, and does not represent the entity as a whole.

Basically, be excellent to each other and party on. They're comics, dammit—let's have fun!

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